Below you will find a summary of the services that I offer. Should you find that you would like for me to provide a service not listed here, please contact me and let me know. I will be more than happy to work with your project requirements to make our business interaction a successful one. Not only do I offer some of the best prices around, I also provide top notch customer service.

Web Site Design, Development, and Search Engine Optimization

Something that has become common these days is something called the “cookie cutter” approach.  You can look forward to something else from me. Every web site I build for you will be unique in its own ways. You will immediately be able to tell it apart from your competitors and friends, and be able to call it your own.

Designs can range from the more traditional and professional web site sites like a law firm might have, to your more contemporary and unorthodox designs. Not only will you be afforded a great design, but my services also range to your more dynamic and data-driven concepts such as portals, and content management sites where the text and images you see on it are edited right from the web site by someone just like you!

Commercial Development – If you are a business looking for an identity on the Internet, or perhaps trying to establish a site to manage data within your company, you have struck gold, because this is my specialty! I am by trade an Intranet portal developer. Not only will I be able to build that site for you that you need, I can also make it work directly with data from nearly any database you have and also Active Directory networks. Imagine logging into your web site without doing anything but clicking on a link! With Active Directory in a corporate LAN/WAN environment, this one of the numerous benefits you will enjoy when working with my products.

Graphic Design

Aside from the PictureArt service I offer, my graphic design services come in two forms. The first is Print Work. Print work can be anything from flyers, business cards, stationary, or t-shirts. The other form of graphic design that I offer is logo work or other graphical designs for your web site. I am more than familiar with most aspects of the graphic design world, so I know to pay the closest attention to details like branding, pixels per inch (ppi) or dots per inch (dpi), and color matching.


PictureArt is the unique and timeless process where I take your favorite photographs and create irreplaceable works of art for you to display in your family room, home office, or to give as a gift to your loved ones. There is nothing more meaningful than to capture a moment in time that you will already remember forever, and then accent it with unique and creative image effects and then elegantly framed for display to those you care about the most. ConsultingAlthough my areas of consulting are mostly programming and web site related, I also consult and provide services for a number of other different areas. Some of the most common requests are listed below:

  • Web Site Design and Architecture
  • Web Site Marketing and Search Engine Placement/Optimization
  • Internet Web Site Administration
  • Intranet Web Site Administration
  • Graphical Layouts and Design (including logos, flyers and business cards)
  • Resumes

My consulting rates will vary from project to project. Please contact me to get a free quote. The more I know about the project, the quicker and easier I can get a quote back to you.

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